When you have issues, problems and challenges it takes your attention away from your creativity and the ability to find your passion. Life is a series of climbing a mountain, the ups and the downs and going around one corner to another to evolve and grow. Even when you get to the top of the mountain, there are more mountains to climb! Your journey is never ending, because the soul is always seeking growth through expression and evolution. When you dwell upon trying to get around the tight corners you will see them as one struggle after another and you will attract the same experiences that every other corner had given you. Every corner is a reflection of your issues and challenges and when you focus on these challenges that condition is what you will get. By focusing on the outer world, the struggling corner in your journey you squash or block your creative passion to come forth.

To move beyond your issues, problems and challenges to express your passion can be broken down into 3 categories.

1. Unblock Your Passion
2. Create Your Passion
3. Express Your Passion

Let's take a look at each category.

1. Unblock Your Passion - The normal road to climb any mountain is to travel along the main route that humanity has mapped out for you. It has its ups and downs, but you allow somebody else to map out your life for you, and that is why your road will get many more potholes. When you follow another's journey, you not only take on their energy as your own, you also live it - you are living somebody's else's truth. That in itself creates a conflict within you. Because you are focusing on that main route and because the potholes are getting deeper is due to allowing somebody else to tell you what you must be, do and have. You can only get to know You, when you can take your mind off what everyone else is doing and to follow your own heart. When you dead zed unblocked dwell upon fear, doubt and mistrust, you squash any unknown potential, your creative skills and knowingness to come forth. Your creativity is blocked and you become stuck and stagnant and you keep attracting the same cycles, going around the steep mountain corners and getting no where. To unblock your passion is to step out of the mind to trust yourself and know that something grander is within you if you allow it to open up, if you allow it to come through your imagination.

2. Create Your Passion - Your imagination is the birth of all ideas, but first you must believe in that thing before you have a desire to create it. It doesn't matter what your passion is, what creativity you hold onto or what skills or talents you have - as everyone as something - it is to allow yourself to create from your heart. Your mind often travels at a high speed as you travel around the corner of your issues and it becomes tired and stressed easily, so your imagination cannot come in when your mind is stuck in 1st gear, with one foot on the brake and the other foot on the gas peddle. To create is to allow energy to flow and to move with ease. Being in your safe space and deep breathing whilst keeping your focus in the present moment will allow your energy to move. To be able to explore what you need to create is to trust yourself and accept what ever comes.

3. Express Your Passion - Do you have creative skills - and do you ignore it? Do you think that fulfilling a physical-material need is more powerful that finding, creating and expressing your passion? Your passion is your uniqueness of what excites you. It is your hearts desire to choose to live what you enjoy, and that may not be the same as others and it may not be what you are expected to do just to fulfill a material condition. Do you create and do nothing with it? Do you suppress or hide what you create? Are you fearful or shameful about what you create? What you create is who you think you are - are you bold to express that - your truth - your authentic nature - even if you are classed as crazy? Do you like what you create? Are you afraid to 'show and tell' your creative passion? Do you feel that you will be judged or ridiculed for your creations? You grow and expand through expressing your creative passion! No matter what your creative passion is, and it doesn't just relate to whether you are a musician, an author, artist, dancer and singer, but it relates to how you choose to live your life, to create what you want in your life with self-worth, love, joy and acceptance. That is creativity - that is the art of living - that is creating through choice and then playing with that choice - it is to learn new ways, to explore new potentials, to sing new tunes.

When you know your issue, when you begin to uncover your issues you can confirm your issue. Then, when you address and take your focus off your issue, you can unblock your creativity and you can begin to create and express your passion that is outside the minds perception. Whatever your choose in your life, whatever story game that you want to play, just express it, play it, play with it, learn new styles, skills and tunes. Be entertaining, play with your life for your creative passion is your life being expressed. Are you tired of playing the same old song that duality repeats? If so, you need to play your tune and sing your own song - not another's song? Are you expressing your passion or creativity? Do you want to? Do you fight for it, or are in flight from it? Are you idle - not dancing with your passion, not singing or playing your tune, but doing things that others expect from you? Do you accept your situation and do-no-thing in order to allow energy to change? Your over-soul is not interested in your physical needs and desires, for it has everything. Your over-soul has only one desire and that is to move stuck energy so it can live life, to experience the wisdom within each experience and express and expand itself through You - through your creative passion - your life - your art form!